No part of PYAESS 1975 Reunion expense was paid by Governmental agencies from any country

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2nd Ship for South East Asian Youth Program Reunion

The PYAESS Reunion plan was proposed by Visit Dejkumtorn and executed with the capable organizing committee members, Somchai "Sam" Ratanaarpa, Janpanit "Nit" Surasin, Chailai "Tom" Komarakul Na Nagara, Wanpen "Poom" Chaikitmongkol and Nataya "Nat" Ouivirach. Addition of Amara "Paew" Atibothi on the list makes the Magnificent Seven members who wore the PYAESS1975 Official Pin. There were numerous volunteers who helped the event including the daughters of members, students from Chiang Mai University and others to name a few.
Please enjoy the following pages as the memory of the reunion for those who were there in person and we hope to share the excitement with those who were there in spirit.

The 40th year reunion of the 2nd Ship for South East Asian Youth Program was held in November 22nd to 25th, 2015 and it was a huge success.
It took place in Chiang Mai / Chiang Dao, Thailand.
We owe the big success to the Reunion Committee Members who worked very hard to plan for the 3 day event over 6 months, from the lodging to the social event (visiting the elementary school) and even arranging the wonderful weather (yes, they had a prayer meeting for clear days!)